Blogging For Minimalists

Postagon is a blogging platform for those who like it simple and clean. Equipped with just the essentials for a pure reading & writing experience that will make your words shine.

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The Zen Garden of Blogging

Guy Kawasaki

Essential features, no fluff, no worries.

  • Clean design on all devices
  • Visual and Markdown editor
  • Beautiful cover photos
  • Post via email
  • Smart commenting system
  • Private posts & drafts
  • Email alerts for your readers
  • Drag & drop photo uploads
  • No mobile app required
  • Works with only your browser
  • Use your own domain name
  • View your email subscribers
  • Google Analytics
  • Very search engine friendly
  • RSS feeds
  • Social sharing
  • Collect accolades for great posts
  • Import & Export of posts
  • Retina display support
  • Email support
  • No ads on your blog

All features are optional if you don't need them. Using Postagon is fast & reliable.


A Postagon blog looks good all the time.

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Things that Postagon won't do:

We believe that a blog best serves its readers with nothing else but what's needed for the pure reading experience, so we removed any possible distractions. Which?

  • Themes: Postagon means uncluttered consistency and perfect reading experience. That's why we use just one clean layout that makes your blog look good all the time, on all devices and platforms.
  • Plugins: Ever messed up a blogging system with an outdated plugin? Better spend the time writing.
  • Widgets: Any sidebar gimmick that wastes space and only adds distraction to your blog.
  • Social boxes: Facebook Likes, latest tweets and anything that slows down your site.
  • Tags: Great content will find its way to readers in one way or another. Google included.

Perfect for the reader, perfect for the writer.



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